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Here you will find tips and answers to questions, that many customers have found useful. If you have good experiences with the RESTAHEAD™ neck rest, questions, suggestions or comments we would like to hear from you too at

Questions and Answers

How do you use the RESTAHEAD™ neck rest in the most optimal way?

Answer: You use the RESTAHEAD™ neck rest on edge behind the neck. You may watch the video with instructions here. To obtain the optimal relax position it is important that the neck rest is placed to span between the neck/back head and the seat/surface area. Pull the neck rest firmly against your neck when you lean back, so the two internal support members of the headrest form a supporting arch behind the neck.

How much should the RESTAHEAD™ neck rest curve?

Answer: That depends on your built (height, neck curvature, head size etc.), the shape and tilt of the back rest you are leaning against or the surface area. It should curve enough that it supports you, and that you can sit or lie relaxed and comfortably.

You can think about the RESTAHEAD™ neck rest like a pillow – it can be bent more or less, and fixated with the strings on each side if you wish.

You can adjust the neck rest depending on where you are and what you need in the situation. Depending on the shape of the seat it may sometimes be a good idea to bend the neck rest more than you usually would to obtain optimal support. In other words the neck rest is very flexible.

What does it mean that the RESTAHEAD™ neck rest is ergonomically correct?

Answer: It means that the RESTAHEAD™ neckrest supports the head and neck in a way, that is good for the body. Our spine should form an S when seen from the side – the upper curve at the cervical spine and the lower curve at the lumbar spine. When you use the RESTAHEAD™ neck rest, your head and neck are supported to rest in the body’s natural position. The two flexible support members prevent the head from falling to the side or dropping forward.

The muscles can relax and you obtain maximum rest and avoid uncomfortable and painful seating positions with the risk of tension and strained muscles.

Can you sleep with the RESTAHEAD™ neck rest?

Answer: The RESTAHEAD™ neck rest is perfect travel equipment in plane, train, bus and car where you don’t have much freedom to move, and it is also a fantastic device to help relieve tension and relax on the beach, the yoga mat, at home on the couch, or wherever you wish to relax. It is not meant as a replacement for a pillow at night, but it can be a good helper to falling asleep.

What is the purpose of the two strings with cord-locks on each side of the RESTAHEAD™ neck rest?

Answer: The strings can be used to fixate the neck rest in your preferred bent position.

Can the RESTAHEAD™ neck rest be used in a chair without a high back?

Answer: When using the RESTAHEAD™ neck rest in a seated position you need a seat that is sufficiently high for the neck rest to be placed to span between the neck and the seat. However the seat need not rise above your head. Most plane, bus, car and bus seats as well as many sun-loungers and recliners have high backs. In metros and city busses where you are typically transported over shorter distances the seats will often be lower.

Can children use the RESTAHEAD™ neck rest?

Answer: Yes, bigger children can easily use the RESTAHEAD™ neck rest. How much the neck rest should be bent depends among other things on the user’s built – please see above.

Can the RESTAHEAD™ neck rest be washed?

Answer: Yes, it is washable at 40 degrees C. If necessary, stretch the cover a little before hanging it to dry. Do not tumbledry or dryclean. For everyday maintenance the cover can be brushed with a clothes brush to keep it free of fluff.

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