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User Testimonials

Here you can read some of the testimonials we have received from users of the RESTAHEAD™ neck rest. Have you got any good experiences with the RESTAHEAD™ neck rest, suggestions, questions or comments we would very much like to hear from you too on

– I have suffered from neck pain for a long time and I attend a Chriroprator to loosen up what has gotten stuck. When in my holiday I was travelling to Berlin we sailed with the ferry from Gedser to Rostock and in the harbour I saw a film-ad for Restahead. I thought right away that I needed one of those. When we came on board, and I saw the price I thought it was too much money, and left the shop again. After 20 minuttes however I decided that I would give it a chance, and how happy I am that I did. I have used it on the holiday car trip, when I sit in my high back chair in the livingroom or the garden, and when I have been to the beach, or when I am lying in my garden.
I am really glad for it – so glad that I told my Chiropractor about it, and now to my joy I see that he has become a dealer for it.
A thousand thanks for a fantastic invention, that I am certain will help many people.

Many kind regards
Birgitte Christensen, Denmark

– I bring it when I travel by plane. It is very comfortable – better than pillows and inflatable “collars” and what else I have used in the course of the years to support a difficult and stiff neck. The packaging with the printed instruction is very practical.

Uffe Ellemann-Jensen, Hellerup, Denmark

– ..For many years I have had trouble with prolapses and osteoarthritis in neck and back, and many mornings I have had headaches. Since I bought the Restahead pillow I have used it every day with a super result. This must be the neck rest for EVERYONE, and I cannot do without it.

Lotte Huseby, Oslo, Norway

– RESTAHEAD supports the cervical spine ergonomically correct, and it prevents bad seating position, and therefore I can warmly recommend RESTAHEAD. My patients say that they sit markedly better with the new headrest. It is effective and easy to use, and when used correctly it minimizes the risk of developing chronic neck disorders.

Chiropractor Thomas Egegaard – specialized in long lasting chronic disorders such as Osteoarthritis – Chiropractic Clinic Ishøj, Denmark

– Your RESTAHEAD neck rest simply saved the road trip to Malaga. For the first time I could go on a long car ride without getting any neck problems.

Anne-Marie, København, Denmark

– I have had really good results with restahead. I practise a great deal of yoga and usually afterwards lye flat on the floor in the – Today I have crossed the country by train and for the first time I have tried RestAhead. It works fantastically well! Congratulations from here.

Jakob P., Århus, Denmark

– I have had really good results with restahead. I practise a great deal of yoga and usually afterwards lye flat on the floor in the resting position, typically with no support for my head. This results in soreness and stiffness in my neck region. This has disappeared completely with restahead since it supports the head and neck perfectly at the same time as gently stretching the muscles in the neck. It is a truly fantastic invention that I warmly recommend to others! Have a great day.

Johnny Bengtsson, Denmark

– The RestAhead neck rest was my true companion in October 2008 where I had 2 transatlantic trips from Copenhagen to Los Angeles return and 2 bus trips of each 15 hours from Los Angeles to Mexico return. I was very excited to see if the RestAhead neck rest met my expectations, and here afterwards I must say that it really did. It is easy to pack, weighs nothing to speak of and not the least it is very easy to use. It supports the head and neck well and you don’t get a pain in the neck by using it or the feeling of head dropping while sleeping. I felt more rested with the RestAhead neck rest than I have done with any other pillow or neck rest. It has now become a permanent ingredient on all vacations – also on long car trips.

Bente B., Aarhus, Denmark

– After spending 18 months under the care of a physical therapist and chiropractor due to a life of bad working habits and posture, I realized that I had to make drastic changes to bring my neck and shoulders back in their natural position. Rest-a-head has been a lifesaver due to quite a bit of time spent on planes in non-ergonomic and uncomfortable flight seats. Rest-a-head weights nothing to speak of and is easily stored in a bag. It calls for discipline to use it, but will almost for sure give you the rest and support you need during a flight, whether short or long distance, and bring you to your destination without neck pains. I love it and do not travel without it.

Marianne Meyer, Chicago, IL, USA

– I recently travelled to New Zealand via LA and used my restahead the entire way. It was fantastic. I can’t believe how well supported my head and neck was from such a small and convenient thing. It packed easily into my carry-on handbag and was so easy to use. After that trip I came back to the UK through Asia where I again used my restahead. I have found it fantastic not just on flights but also by car ( as a passenger of course!) There is nothing worse than having your head falling around when you are flying and restahead kept me in place and really comfortable. I’d like to let you know that my 10 year old son also used it on an internal flight and it fit him well. I think you have a great product and wish you all the best. I’ll be carrying mine every time I fly. Best wishes and thanks.

Penny Bainsbridge, U.K


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